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Feral Phantom: The Making of a Superhero Parkour Novel

A New Kind of Superhero
All of our favorite superheroes follow the same basic formula. First, a character is either born with superpowers or stumbles upon them, via the nearest genetically altered spider or pool of toxic waste. Second, they use their abilities to save the world, or the city, or maybe even just that little old granny down the street.

But a superhero for animals? When I first brought up the idea, people thought I was talking about a children's book. (They were picturing a caped hero who saves lost puppies and kittens, I guess.) The truth is, animal rights issues are far from children's material. Whether we're talking about domestic animals suffering from abuse, dolphins dying in fishing nets, or animals being poached from the wild, one thing is clear to me.

Animals need a hero.

So I created Nanda, a teenager with a unique connection to animals who's fighting in their corner. Although when she gets mixed up in an underground smuggling op, she gets in way …

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